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NRI Shibir 2015

Do you think that is it possible that New Generation from US, Antwarp, Izrael & Bangkok will...

1. Wake up early around 6 o'clk in d mrng by a single call & rushes for Yoga?
2. They pass their full day without TV, Telephone, Play Stations & xbox??
3. Does Astaprakari Pooja & does 'Nrutya Bhakti' in front of Bhagvan?
4. Maharaj Saheb ne Vahorava mate Padapadi kre?
5. Prabhu Darshan & Guruvandan pahela kai pan vapre nahi?
6. Jamta jamta maun rakhe?
7. Thali ma kai pn anthu muke nahi & thali dhoi ne pive?
8. Outdoor sports - Indian traditional games ne full to enjoy kre??
9. Whnevr they are free they keep on reading our Religious story book?
10. Rasta ma Guruji male emne 'Mathen Vadami' Kahe?
11. Mom papa ne phn par 'Namo Namah' kahe?

Much much much more. If I keep on listing it it wont end....!!
Yes, this has been made possible by Tapovan Shibir. All kids here are enjoying shibir like this...
Thank You parents for sending your kids to Shibir...!

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