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Shree Kamleshbhai is staying here and offering his unconditional services of cloth cleaning since long time. The responsibility of Kamleshbhai comprises cleaning of cloths including towel, bed-sheet, pillow cover, handkerchief etc.

Sometimes students forget their bal- pen, etc in pockets but they get the things back. During washing often color of the clothes fades and children become angry on washer-man but he never loses his temper.

The name should be embroidered on clothes but some parents write names of their ward on clothes by marker-pen and bal- pen which fades during washing and finally the missing of clothes occurs.

Thanks to the family of Kamleshbhai

A laundry with ultra modern system of washing has been set up to take care of students' clothes. Everyday students deposit soiled linen for washing at designated points and collect the same as per timings specified. Clothes taken for washing are returned within 24 hours.

Students may give maximum two pairs of clothes everyday.

Appropriate amount for laundry service would be included in fees.