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Principal Desk ( Gujarati Medium )

Gujarati Medium School Principle Profile

Mr. Dipakbhai Ishwarlal Patel, the principal of Gujarati Medium School is the light of wisdom as his name itself reveals because he is apt enough to dispel the darkness of ignorance. With string of his degrees i.e. M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil & Ph.D. he works arduously with unflinching zeal for changing the lines of fortune of students. He is having the quality to maintain the balance of mind while dealing smilingly with different people without wrinkling his brows. His brain and pen work together to write books and also help them who stand at the turning point of their academic journey. In BISAG online telecast related with scholastics he works laboriously to spread literacy. A bagful of awards especially for essay writing prove his high erudition and also exhibited his magnitude of doing work with ISRO while showing 15 episodes related with pedagogic field.