TAPOVAN SANSKAR PITH Inspired by Shri Chandrashekharvijayji Mahraj Saheb

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Why Tapovan?


To transform the school into a vibrant centre of multifarious activities aiming to ignite minds for unfolding youth potentials.


To produce the sensitive, laborious, dynamic, patriotic and spiritual leaders for bringing up perfect global amity

Our Philosophy

Every child is unique and creative as well. We strive sincerely to kindle in him the flame of knowledge and wisdom. We are reluctant to produce robots but strain every nerve to produce the intellectuals who possess depth of virtues and height of knowledge. This will help to bring up in them the equipoise state of mind. Children are just like seeds in which a small sapling is hidden and that turns into a gigantic tree when properly nourished. We also believe in selfless service, compassion, generosity, tolerance, honesty, non-violence and truthfulness. We try our level best to foster in them the moral values, so that they can lead a meaningful life of spiritual commitments and ethical perfection. The confluence of patriotism, devotion and cultural values sanctifies the surrounding ambiance.