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About Tapovan Sanskar Pith

It’s a sacred place situated at the outskirts of city on Koba Highway which is surrounded by green trees and where silence and solitude move hand in hand. In this holy ambience spirituality blooms in fullness and humanity blossoms splendidly in its completeness. It looks like a replica of heaven where the presence of the Almighty God can be experienced at every step wherever we move. The foundation of this spiritual edifice had been laid down by Param Pujya Panyas Pravar Shri Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharajsaheb in the year 1983 in Navsari and in the year 2008 its offshoot viz. Tapovan Vatsalyadham was estabalished which is a Day Boarding School for boys. This well-set academic complex is managed by Jivan Jagruti Trust with unflinching devotion and firm commitment. H. H. Shri Chandrashekhar Vijayji Maharajsaheb was undoubtedly the chief source of inspiration in establishing this academic complex. He is a great master, guide and Guru to shape the future of aspirants.

Since time immemorial the holistic fragrance of Jain Religion is sanctifying the minds of God-Seekers and saints of yore had propagated its philosophy very lucidly in each nook and corner of this world. The governing body of Tapovan Sanskar Peeth is following the tradition set by our monks and dedicated their lives to lift up the glory of this religion for the betterment and wellbeing of our society. They have sustained the values of life and now encourage the academicians to impart the value-based education to carve out the career of new generation as they are the leaders of tomorrow’s world and in future the reins of the nation will be in their hands.

The Mission of this academic-cum-spiritual set up is ‘to turn out sensitive, understanding, focused, goal-oriented and service-oriented citizens with certain core values implanted in them.’ With an above-mentioned lofty vision the school is having an aesthetic vision as well such as ‘To turn the school into a vibrant centre, a beehive of multifarious activities which aim at igniting minds and learning of life-skills. The founder and the upper echelons of this establishment believe that each and every child is unique with a ray of academic inquisitiveness which should be widened by the flash of knowledge. The institution doesn’t want to produce the living robots but it strives to make the new generation more sensible who can use their head and heart in a balanced proportion. As per our belief, life without values, love, compassion, honesty, truthfulness etc, is untamed and wild. We want to inculcate these moral values and ethical perfection in the minds of knowledge-seekers. Anyone who sticks to these values will achieve peace and happiness without a shadow of doubt.

Many moons ago the religion of Jainism came into being and slowly took a strong hold on this land and its reason-based philosophy was propagated by the saints of yore. The great Tirthankars burned the midnight oil to spread its spiritual fragrance all over the world and set out an example by doing austerity and penance. They are the role models, altruists and protagonists to spread a new wave of logic-based religion. The holy saints of Tapovan who are leading an austere and ascetic life are solely dedicated to the institution and the source of inspiration for students.

The globalization of trade, commerce, education and treaty has made this world small and apparently contactable as well. Tapovan welcomes these changes to move with the pace of time. The use of English language has gained its momentum. Therefore the institution has started the English medium school to move with the changing era of globalization. Well surrounded by trees, green orchard, lush green lawn and environment-friendly ambience a gorgeous structure of school building stands to carve out the career of students. The establishments such as Holy Derasar, Upashraya, libray etc enhance the serenity of the surroundings. Spacious hostel, sports field and playground make this set up more eye-catching and serene. We have both Gujarati medium and English medium schools where we maintain the teacher-student ratio as per the norms set by academicians. Well-qualified and experienced teachers are rendering their services to the best of their abilities and provide world class quality education to produce the leaders of tomorrow’s word.

Tapovan Vatsalyadham is a Day School-cum Residential School for the students of English Medium, situated at Amiyapur, Sabarmati-Koba Highway, Sughad Dist, Gandhinagar. It’s a holy confluence of Religion, Culture and Nationality. Tapovan Sanskar Peeth is a Residential School for the students of Gujarati Medium located in the same campus.

Skill-based Education, Personality Development, Co-curricular Activities, Well-equipped Library, IT Section. Wellness Center, Fiestas etc. are the salient features of this educational institute. We impart the knowledge of Spoken English to create an atmosphere of English Medium School. Without any racial discrimination and pressure of power we take admission purely on merit basis and make the students apt enough to make their future better and also able to serve the society especially the exploited, oppressed and downtrodden people to make the nation a developed country. This is the most preferred place for students to start their voyage of learning to reach at the shore of success. We are the peace-lovers and thus, strive hard to maintain the amicability and amity here and everywhere.

Many plans are still in the pipeline which may materialize soon for the expansion of this academic school. As per our aim, ‘sky is the limit’ we are advancing ahead to reach at the height of success and fame by the blessings of our well-regarded saints. We strive hard with resolute determination and untiring enthusiasm to transform the dream plan of the school in to reality.

The daily schedule of students is somewhat different as they wake up early morning and invoke prayer to address the Almighty God and also perform some long-established religious rituals. In this contemporary era of scientific development the education blended with the flavor of moral values is considered to be the complete learning.

Tapovan is the core of many activities such as physical education along with training of Martial Arts (Karate, Judo, Taekwondo) skating, boxing, wrestling music (light and classical),

Courses like Personality Development, Stage Drama, Theme-Songs, Mono-Acting are conducted to carve out the exceptional personality of knowledge-seekers.

Tours, excursion, day-long trips and outings are arranged to make the students more conversant and smart.

Students strain every nerve and burn midnight oil to prove themselves excellent and exceptional. Their efforts are evaluated and awards are given to deserving students at the end of the academic session.

Many plans are still in the pipeline which may materialize soon for the expansion of this academic school. As per our aim, ‘sky is the limit’ we are advancing ahead to reach at the height of success and fame by the blessings of our well-regarded saints. We strive hard with resolute determination and untiring enthusiasm to transform the dream plan of the school in to reality.